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Wallride Catalog 29

Wallride Catalog 29
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Brand: Girl


Our biannual Girl, Chocolate and Royal product book filled with skate photos + team and artist interviews._ÌÔ?_ÌÔ_??

This issue highlights the work of the Art Dump along with featured special guest artists - Michael Leon, Sean Cliver and NY based fine-art star and skater, Jules de Balincourt for Girl.

In addition to several new series by Evan Hecox, we̥_̥_́_ÌÔÌÒ?_̥__̥_?̥_Ì?̥ۡ_?̫̥_Ì?ۡ_̥_Íä__re proud to announce another (PRODUCT) RED edition for Chocolate. Both Girl & Chocolate Skateboards continue to be proud (RED) Special Edition partners to help contribute to an AIDS Free Generation.

Featured team editorial includes Mike Mo & Raven Tershy̥_̥_́_ÌÔÌÒ?_̥__̥_?̥_Ì?̥ۡ_?̫̥_Ì?ۡ_̥_Íä__s - ̥_̥_́_ÌÔÌÒ?_̥__̥_?̥_Ì?̥ۡ_?̫̥_Ì?ۡ_̥_Íä?__̥_Íä?_?Laid Up̥_̥_́_ÌÔÌÒ?_̥__̥_?̥_Ì?̥ۡ_?̫̥_Ì?ۡ_̥_Íä__ interview, plus a Wet Dream behind the scenes Q & A with director Federico Vitetta.

Adobe and Girl partnered up to offer students the opportunity to design a limited edition board series. The five winners of the #madethis contest are featured along with their one-off graphics.

Wallride comes perfect bound in a 9.5̥_̥_́_ÌÔÌÒ?_̥__̥_?̥_Ì?̥ۡ_?̫̥_Ì?ۡ_̥_̥_́_ÌÔÌÒ?_̥_Íä?_?̥_Íä_ x 13̥_̥_́_ÌÔÌÒ?_̥__̥_?̥_Ì?̥ۡ_?̫̥_Ì?ۡ_̥_̥_́_ÌÔÌÒ?_̥_Íä?_?̥_Íä_ large format @ 112 pages. Collectors item with only 200 available, hand signed by Rick Howard & Mike Carroll.

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