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Mikemo Capaldi - Starstruck Deck

Mikemo Capaldi - Starstruck Deck
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Brand: Girl



8.0" x 31.875"

Artwork by Michael Leon.


Girl asks Michael LeonÕ_Õ_Ձ_ÑÓÕ_Õ__Õ_?Õ_ë‰Õ_?ôÕ_ë‰__

What are a few of your most memorable starstruck moments?


Mark Gonzales

I first met Mark when I was designing Rasa Libre with Deluxe. Since then, I've been reintroduced to him four or five times. He never remembers me and always says something about how I shake hands. Like, "Do you do yoga?" I swear he is fucking with me.


Terry Hall

One day at Girl, Dorothy from the front desk called my office and said, "A guy named Terry Hall is here and wants to see if he can get a tour." I didn't register the name at first but said OK because I was the only one around that day. Turns out it was THE Terry Hall from The Specials and his son Alex, who was maybe 13. He was super cool, humble and very grateful for the tour. Alex was stoked. Years later on a UK Rasa Libre tour, we were playing pool at this weird club when this kid walks in and I can tell he recognizes the team. He comes over and somehow I figure out that it's Terry's son. Long story short, we all go out with his crew to a house party, drink all their liquor, sing "London Calling" and dance around, the one of our riders hits on his girlfriend and we have to leave in a hurry. I also met Fos that night I think.

Gerry Lopez

Gerry is an Ambassador at Patagonia where I work. He was here a couple days ago and I decided to introduce myself. I walked up behind him just as he turned to talk to someone. I then found that I was awkwardly standing there in between them while they talked. At that point, I was forced to interrupt them and introduce myself. So basically to Gerry Lopez I am a rude weirdo.



In the olden days (the 90s), there were these little round things called CD's that held music. My friend Clay and I were in the Virgin Megastore on Sunset shopping for them. While flipping through the bins, my friend whispers, "Morrissey behind you!" I didn't believe him but turned around to find Morrissey walking around with an overweight woman. I remember we tried to get the nerve to say hi or something but decided there was no point. I think we were disappointed to see him mixing with regular people. Sometimes you need your idols to live alone in a castle.

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