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Kenny Anderson - (PRODUCT)RED Deck

Kenny Anderson - (PRODUCT)RED Deck
Free Gift

Brand: Chocolate


The Girl (PRODUCT)RED and Chocolate (PRODUCT)RED decks and tees are designed to help deliver an_Ñé_Ñ_??AIDS FREE GENERATION.

At no extra cost to you, a portion of these Girl and Chocolate (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition Decks will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. The contribution generated from each deck can provide over 17 days of HIV medicine that can help prevent the transmission from an HIV+ pregnant mother to her child.

Art by Andy Jenkins.

Girl and Chocolate are Proud (PRODUCT)REDÕ_Õ_Ձ_ÑÓÕ_Õ__ꁐ_Ñ_Õ_ՉÕ__?Õ_뉁?ë¢ Special Edition Partners.

8.125" x 31.625"

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