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Modern Homes Series by Evan Hecox

Modern Homes Series by Evan Hecox
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Brand: Chocolate


Evan Hecox, the artist responsible for so much of Chocolate's rich graphic history, has designed a new series that makes us yearn for modern homes. This four board series, inspired by mid-century modern architecture, featured beautiful line drawings of some of Evan's favorite homes re-imagined through the lens of a skateboarder. These boards are printed with matte inks to mimic the look of real architectural plans.

Set Includes

1 x Chico Brenes Deck - G028 - 8.125" X 31.3"

1 x Jerry Hsu Deck - G030 - 8.25" X 32"

1 x Justin Eldridge Deck - G021 - 7.875" X 31.25"

1 x Kenny Anderson Deck - G014 - 8.0" X 31.63"

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